Entertainment One Employee Benefits

Entertainment One is responsible for producing some of the world’s best content for all different ages. They produce Peppa Pig for children, TV shows like The Rookie and award-winning films like 1917.

The Canadian business has recently been acquired by toy-giant Hasbro, so we expect the employee benefits and perks to change to reflect the parent company. If they do, our team will update them as soon as we identify the changes.


eOne operates an easy-to-understand pension scheme, however its not competitive compared to the industry average. Employees are required to pay in at least 4% to their pension, which is a similar figure to the workplace pension minimums. If employees meet that requirement, then Entertainment One will contribute 4% to the pension as their employer. There is no company match above this figure.

Annual Leave

While the pension scheme might not be competitive, the annual leave allowance is very generous. All employees are granted 25 days of paid time off, which is similar to the industry average. However, eOne also closes the office for the three days between Christmas and the New Year, opting to grant this as additional time off to employees without taking any of their annual leave allowance.

Medical Cover

eOne staff members are covered by medical insurance that allows them to access private GPs and medical facilities, ultimately cutting waiting times during referrals. Entertainment One pays for cover on the staff member, though the employee can add additional family members as and pay extra.

One of the big benefits Entertainment One offers is dental cover alongside the private medical. Many companies in the industry have a dental cover partner, allowing employees to pay a fixed price per month out of their salary, however eOne will pay the premiums for all employees.


As a producer of both TV and film, Entertainment One films can be found across a variety of streaming platforms (and the cinema too). As a bonus for employees, Entertainment One will provide a subscription to Amazon Prime or Netflix.

Other Benefits

Entertainment One operates a Summer hours rota, allowing the majority of employees to depart early on a Friday – typically 4pm.

Entertainment One Jobs

If you fancy working at eOne, we regular feature vacancies from the distributor, among the 100+ jobs on the website right now!