Fremantle Employee Benefits

The makers of Britain’s Got Talent and The Apprentice offer a standard range of benefits for their employees.


The pension contributions from Fremantle are some of the best our team has found in the industry and its especially easy to earn the maximum contribution. The pension breaks down like this:

Employee ContributionEmployer ContributionTotal Contribution
5% or more10%15% or more

Annual Leave

Fremantle offers a standard 25 days of paid time off. Our research indicates that the company doesn’t have the option to buy or sell several days of annual leave.

Private Healthcare

Contrary to its industry competitors, Fremantle does not offer its employees complementary medical cover. Staff are expected to make use of NHS services or take out their own private medical cover.

Other Benefits

Employees can leave at 4pm every Friday throughout June, July and August.

The business has also secured discounts are local retailers and restaurants around their office near Tottenham Court Road.

Fremantle Jobs

Working at Fremantle comes with many benefits and if you’re inspired to find a job working for the business, look no further. We regularly feature Fremantle jobs among the 100+ jobs we have on the website right now!