Lionsgate Employee Benefits

A mini-major studio from North America, Lionsgate has a significant distribution business in the UK. But what are the perks of working for Lionsgate? We take a look:


Like all employers, Lionsgate pension offers the minimum contributions of 3%. However, the company will match contributions up to 5% and employees have flexibility to contribute more if they choose to.

Annual Leave

Lionsgate offers a standard 25 days of annual leave, plus all the usual UK bank holidays. While this policy is fairly standard within the industry, one of the added benefits is 3 additional paid days off between Christmas and the New Year celebrations, taking the figure effectively to 28 days of annual leave.

Lionsgate Jobs

If you fancy working at Lionsgate or elsewhere in the media industry, we’ve got over 100+ jobs active on the website right now!

Medical Insurance

Lionsgate has partnered with Vitality to offer their employees complimentary private medical insurance. With Vitality, employees can receive access to fast, private healthcare for a large range of health conditions.

As an added perk, the more active a Vitality member is, the more they can earn in rewards. Those can be exchanged for free cinema tickets, coffees and discounted gym memberships.


As the UK business is in the distribution industry and focused on content sales, bonuses can be quite generous for employees. If they achieve their personal sales target, they can look forward to receiving a bonus based on 20% of their base salary. However, if they exceed their sales target by 25%, the employee will receive a 25% bonus instead.

Industry Competitors

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