Line Producer

What does a Line Producer do?

A Line Producer reports to the Producers on a production, but takes on responsibility for all things relating to production management. They’ll oversee the hiring of crew, spending of the budget and ensure filming is conducted safely.

They’ll allocate the production budget to the various departments and coordinate with the Director to ensure they have the creative freedom to realise their imagination. Line Producers will also hire crew and handle the various contracts, including those with external suppliers including caterers, studio spaces and transport.

They’ll also manage and ensure the budget and schedule are stuck to through production and come up with creative solutions to potential problems that arise. They head up a production management team which will include a Production Manager, Production Coordinators and Runners.

What skills does a Line Producer need?

Leadership: As a crucial part of the the production process, the Line Producer needs good communication skills to get their ideas, thoughts and solutions across to cast, crew and production teams.

Organisation: With oversight of the schedule and budget, including splitting the latter among the various departments, the Line Producer must be able to stay on top of the production process.

Influence: While responsible for the budget, different departments and crew may demand additional funds to realise the visual aspiration. A Line Producer must be able to influence key crew members to adjust their aspirations, or come up with better alternatives.

Who does a Line Producer work with?

As the head of the production management team, the Line Producer will work closely with the Production Manager and Coordinator. They will report into the Producers and Head of Production (if applicable). They’ll also allocate the budgets for each department and they’ll be in constant contact with the head of each department.

They will also be in regular contact with the Production Accountant, who will be tracking all expenditure on the production.

How to become a Line Producer?

Pursuing a career in production management is the best approach, starting as a Runner then climbing through the ranks as a Production Assistant or Coordinator, then a Production Manager. However, Assistant Directors, Location Managers and Production Accountants have all progressed into a Line Producer role.