Production Coordinator

What does a Production Coordinator do?

A production coordinator will run the production office while the Line Producer and Production Manager are on set.

Production coordinators will be involved well ahead of the filming as they’ll assist setting up the production office. Tasks will vary between productions and the number of production support staff each show has, but some tasks could include:

  • Organising equipment
  • Directing deliveries supplies and staff
  • Coordinate travel, accommodation and permits (where applicable)
  • Update and distribute schedules, crew and cast lists, and the latest scripts

Many of these tasks will be handles by production coordinators, so they have a heavy workload with lots of different tasks. They’ll remain on the production until after the filming has completed, where they’ll work with the Production Manager to wrap up the production, including closing accounts with suppliers and tying up any loose ends.

What skills does a Production Coordinator need?

Organisation: A Production Coordinator often needs to multi-task and juggle lots of different responsibilities on a daily basis.

Problem Solving: Production schedules are complex and there are many opportunities for problems to derail filming. A production coordinator needs to identify the problems and find solutions quickly.

Budgeting: Production coordinators may be asked to log all spending.

Who does the Production Coordinator work with?

Production Coordinators are managed by Line Producers and Production Managers, however they will interact with all department leads across the production.

How to become a Production Coordinator?

Many Production Coordinators have secured their positions thanks to their previous experience as runners. Getting exposure to a variety of productions early in your career will really help you move up the career path toward managing a production.

A Production Coordinator is a first stepping stone to senior production management roles including Production Managers and Line Producers.

How much does a Production Coordinator earn?

BECTU has issued rate cards for a variety of roles that relate to production management, so we’ll highlight the main details that relate to Coordinators. It’s worth noting that Production Coordinators are often freelancers and paid by the hour, though larger production companies may offer permanent roles should they produce a high amount of content.

A Production Coordinator working on films can expect in the region of £22 for a low budget movie, up to a minimum of £33 for a blockbuster hit (£30m or more budget).

On the TV side, the range also starts at £22 an hour, but only rises to £28 for a high-end drama production. This is the result of smaller budgets.